The Door Snake

Growing up I remember staying at my great grandmother’s house and whenever we went to play upstairs or went to bed at night we had to put the ‘snake’ at the bottom of the door to the second floor.  The house was an old one and had a strong draft from upstairs.  Since my grandmother only used the first floor to live we would block off the draft to save from heating the unused floor.

Well the home we just purchased is old like my grandmothers.  It was built in 1942.  I love everything about this house from the original hardwood floors to all the built-in cupboards to the big front porch (a rare thing in this neighborhood).  However, someone along the way of owners had decided to cover the hardwood floors with carpet.  Doing this they had to cut off the bottoms of all the doors.  Now the carpets are gone but the gap remains.  This is a problem when you have a 10 month old who needs to nap and parents who would like to walk around the creaky house without waking said baby.  So, today I created a snake.


I just cut two 4″ pieces of fabric the length of the door, sewed them right sides together leaving the top of one side open and then turned it right side out, filled it with dry beans and stitched the top shut.  Ta-Da!!  It blocks out the light and sound.  I also went to Target and got a runner rug as well to help even more.  I think he enjoys my efforts.  HAHA!


He also seems to enjoy the built-in.  I am going to have to make a little ‘cupboard under the stairs’ from Harry Potter – except there are no stairs – just a really deep cupboard.



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